The Stress of Online Marketing and Building a Brand Online

How do you overcome the stress of online building and building a brand? Everybody tells you that it is possible to make money online, and while that is true, most people aren’t talking about the most stressful part. Taking that first step and then dealing with rejection and learning curves.

Watch today’s video to start learning how to overcome some two things that could be holding you back today.

Overcome the Stress of Online Marketing & Building a Brand

So you know the two things that could be holding you back. But let’s talk about one more thing that adds more stress of online marketing.

One Last Point: Money Now Vs. Money Later

The biggest struggle when building a brand online is balancing between money now vs. money later. What does this mean? It means that you have to balance what you invest your time into now that will pay off in the future with the income that you need today. 

There are many stages that you could be right now in your journey.

You are either:

  • Working full-time while researching to get started online
  • Working full-time while working part-time online
  • Working full-time on building your brand online while freelancing on the side

At any one of these stages, your stresses will be different. The person working full-time and only researching how to make money online has most likely experienced analysis paralysis that is holding them from making their big leap. I suffered from this personally for years. 

Others may be all in on working online, but find that their freelancing efforts take over at times. This is the battle between money now vs. money later. To make good money online you either need to sell a product or a service. To sell information products you will need a dedicated audience. This means investing your time into them in order to make money later. 

If you’re selling freelancing services like marketing services, website building, SEO, etc. then you are operating in the money now mindset. Does this make sense to you? 

If you struggle with what to charge for your freelance services, read this.

This can be a tug of war for those of us who are doing both. For instance, I am in the midst of building a brand online. You most likely know that since you’re here on this website. One of the things that I did was go through all of these previous stages. Eventually, I left my full-time job to move to Thailand to travel the world and work online.

It is truly amazing, but that hasn’t always been the case. When you are building your brand online and don’t have a full-time job there is one component that comes into play; we all need money to survive!

You may find yourself at times walking the tight rope between being a one-man/woman marketing agency and focusing on providing value to your community.

If this is you, I highly recommend getting John Lee Dumas’ The Mastery Journal. I have used this work journal to separate my daily work routine into 4 blocks – two parts personal branding work and two parts agency work. In other words, half money now and half money later.


Getting into the online marketing space is hard work and if you’re going to do it, I recommend that you do with passion and purpose. There is no point doing this shit just to look for a quick win. If quick wins are what you’re after, I recommend e-commerce, currency trading, or getting a “real” job. 

But if the thought of true freedom and inspiring others to help them on their journey appeals to you, then you owe it to yourself (and others) to overcome these roadblocks holding you back from taking the next step. 



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