Select The Perfect Stock Photo Your Website

The difference between a good website and a great website is the right images and photos. Images add liveliness to a site, it adds a feeling of comfort and a level of understanding. You can easily turn one time visitors into customers having the right imagery onboard your website.

My Favorite Stock Photography Resources

For those who don’t want to learn about stock photography, let me cut to the chase. These are my favorite stock photography options that I use. I find that the two paid versions are the best, but I will use the free ones throughout the site if I can find something good. When it comes to the top header photo the home page of your website, you can’t go wrong with paying for it (since it has the greatest impact on the impression).



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Best Stock Photography Companies

I’ll cut right to the chase. Rather than list out 30 stock photo companies, I’m going to list the 5 that I use consistently. In my experience, these always delivered exactly what I needed, with Deposit Photos being my favorite (paid and cheap). When I can’t find something perfect for my project, Shutterstock never fails to deliver.

Why Stock Photography?


Having proper imagery allows you to create a bond with your potential customer, right when they click on your link.

Just look at the difference between these two websites where the only change is the photo used. 

Before stock photo


After Stock Photo

Stock photo companies have massive libraries of photos, images/media content from thousands of photographers and designers that are available on a monthly subscription basis. If you’re anyone looking to use stock photos in their media project or website, then stock images are a way to go.

Generally speaking, stock photos save time and effort; for designers, freelancers, website administrators, etc. saving time and effort is well worth it.
You can’t always have high-quality, ready-to-show photos of products. It’s time-consuming and expensive.

Stock photos can be added to your website to fill space, show product ranges and provides an overview of your service to a potential customer among other things.

Stock photography can be used as a great placeholder if you don’t have a photoshoot planned for products or services. They can easily send the message across and can save hundreds of dollars, and many hours in production.

They are also great when you’re dummying an idea, maybe a new feature for your website, or a placeholder for a product shot, etc. Some stock photo companies include Shutterstock, stockphotoSecrets, Adobes Stock, iStock, etc. These are all subscription-based stock image websites which allow you to download a certain amount of stock photos every month. Usually, these websites have an archive of millions of photos to choose from, so you’ll always get the image you need.

If you get images on demand, they’re going to be a lot more expensive than these subscription-based stock photo websites. These sites are a great resource to have when you run a website, since they are easy to use, don’t require further licensing and can convey a message with ease.

Two Types of Stock Photos

There are two main types of stock photos

Rights Managed Stock Photography

RM is relatively more expensive than royalty free stock photography; these stock photos have many factors that can contribute to its price which includes the usage, media, usage duration, etc. you have rights to use this photo, but they can cost more than royalty free images.

Royalty free stock photography

Royalty-free stock photography can be purchased at a fixed price; while it says that there are no royalties involved, you can reuse the photos multiple times, but there is a limit. Generally speaking, you may find royalty free stock photos to be less appealing in terms of production quality as opposed to RM photography.

Stock photo companies are a way to convey messages across using images and videos taken by thousands of photographers all over the world, and available to you through stock image companies. They are a great way to save time, don’t have many restrictions when it comes to personal or commercial use and is cheaper than on-demand photography.



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